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Sunday Soul Searching: What’s Normal?

Sunday Soul Searching is something I sometimes do if I have some time or if I’m feeling restless or uneasy about something. I usually find it helpful to look inwards, meditate with certain thoughts in mind and answer the questions that are hovering somewhere between my brain and my mouth. You know, those things you… Continue reading Sunday Soul Searching: What’s Normal?

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Chasing Waterfalls

So Monday was my birthday and along with all the usual birthday festivities, I really had my heart set on seeing a waterfall. I have wanted to see one for so long now and I knew that May 23rd had to be the day. And luckily for me, I did! I don’t know what it… Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls

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The Wonderful Weymouth Walkway

Yesterday Kerry and I went for a wander along the Weymouth Walkway, it’s a stunning coastal tramp a mere 10 minutes from where we’re currently staying. It’s steeped in natural beauty and native wildlife and the vistas across to Manukau Harbour are breath-taking. I took a few snaps on my iPhone (so I apologise for… Continue reading The Wonderful Weymouth Walkway

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2 Weeks of Meditation & Mindfulness

I’ve been really keen to get into meditation over the past few weeks. Apps were downloaded, schedules were cleared and I was ready to focus on mindfulness and emotional clarity. It’s actually been something I’ve wanted to do for ages now, but past ‘strange’ experiences have made me reluctant to sit still, close my eyes and… Continue reading 2 Weeks of Meditation & Mindfulness