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Small Changes = Big Change

Self Improvement: I’m not exactly sure what that phrase means, but over the past few months I have been trying to embrace change while at the same time figuring out how I can improve myself, both physically and mentally. For me, I think that is what Self Improvement is all about; Exploring your soul, being… Continue reading Small Changes = Big Change

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A Day in Malaga: A Brief Food & Travel Guide

Málaga….I couldn’t imagine a better city to end my Spanish adventure in! Fun, vibrant, cultural, historic, full of amazing food, quaint back streets and sunshine. Honestly I couldn’t have asked for anything more… except maybe a little more time to explore the city. Kerry and I arrived in Málaga late Tuesday morning. Our Alsa bus departed the… Continue reading A Day in Malaga: A Brief Food & Travel Guide

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Torrevieja Travel Guide

Having spent 4 weeks in the bustling town of Torrevieja on the eastern Spanish coast, I can honestly say I fell in love. Only an hour south of Alicante, Torrevieja has a welcoming vibe, clean beaches and a wide esplanade with bars and restaurants. The town has many cool, quirky stores, lots of sports bars… Continue reading Torrevieja Travel Guide

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Sunsets in Paradise

I am a total sucker for natural beauty; Everywhere you go there are so many breathtaking scenes, beautiful examples of Mother Nature at her very best. It’s a triumph for the scences, a moment of awe, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the planet we live on. I am overcome by so many emotions when… Continue reading Sunsets in Paradise

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Christmas in Benidorm 

December 26th, Boxing Day, I can barely belive it! This whole year has been a huge whirlwind of countries, cultures and food! Kerry and I started the year in Australia, then took flight over to New Zealand in April, spent an amazing 4 months backpacking across SE Asia and are now chilling out in a… Continue reading Christmas in Benidorm 

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First Veggie Meal in Barcelona -The Veggie Garden

The first thing I do when Kerry and I check in to a new city is head on to the Happy Cow website and scan for veggie friendly eateries. Lets face it, my stomach rules my life! So we arrived into Barcelona on Tuesday night (well, it was actaully more like Wednesday morning if you… Continue reading First Veggie Meal in Barcelona -The Veggie Garden

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Goodbye Vietnam, Hello Spain

So we have left Asia! 24 hours, 3 continents, 2 flights and no sleep but we are finally in Spain. And I’m so freakin’ excited. Yes it’s kinda cold and yes Christmas is being forcibly rammed into every pore but still, Spain 🙂 So the flights were a nightmare, they always are, I’m a terrible flyer.… Continue reading Goodbye Vietnam, Hello Spain