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Northaw Great Wood: A Breath Of Fresh Air 

In an attempt to get a little bit fitter and hopefully see some wildlife, Kerry and I ventured in to the forest! We are quite lucky to have Northaw Great Wood on our doorstep, which is one of Hertfordshires biggest and most important oak woodlands, and it’s a really great place to stroll around, enjoy… Continue reading Northaw Great Wood: A Breath Of Fresh Air 

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Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms 

It’s May and the weather still refuses to play ball! For me cold, grey, miserable days mean comfort food and big dinners, plates of mashed potatoes and thick gravy, gooey, cheesey toasties and heart warming pies. Ugh I’m making myself hungry just typing this…. Unfortunately all of the above is off the cards at the… Continue reading Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms 

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What I Eat in a Day: Another Low- Carbing Post

I’ve been on a low-carb diet for almost 2 weeks now and despite 2 mega cheat days, I have lost about 6 pounds and considering my target is 8 pounds, I’m pretty darn happy. Throughout these 2 weeks a few people have asked what a low carb vegan diet consists of, and to be honest,… Continue reading What I Eat in a Day: Another Low- Carbing Post

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Alcohol & Low Carb Diets 

So I’m back home and back on low carb! Oh its been a crazy couple of weeks, I didn’t realise how difficult adjusting back in to ‘real life’ would be! And although I’m excited to be home, catching up with friends and family there is definitely a small part of me that craves those white… Continue reading Alcohol & Low Carb Diets 


Simple Vegan Stew 

Although spring well and truly made an appearance this weekend, I was itching for a big bowl of warm, hearty, comfort food (I know, I’m weird!) I raided both the fridge and the pantry and used what I could find to create a delicious bean based, vegan stew. It was filling and nutritious and I… Continue reading Simple Vegan Stew 

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Foods That Make You Feel Good!

We could all do with a little happiness boost from time to time and it would seem that by just choosing the right foods, we could do just that! There are certain foods out there that have a very specific set of micro-nutrients, and when consumed they make our brain chemistry go bonkers, it releases… Continue reading Foods That Make You Feel Good!

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Natural Ways to Relieve PMS

Ugh PMS…. As a fairly recent sufferer of this affliction I have been looking for a natural ‘treatment’ to combat the symptoms for about a month now. It’s been kinda long-winded and not particularly veggie friendly but having read (a lot) of articles, including some that even doubt its very existence, I have finally compiled… Continue reading Natural Ways to Relieve PMS