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Irish Potato Cakes with Spinach & Kale

Think Ireland, think potatoes right? Ireland has quite the affinity with the good old spud and as Kerry and I are calling the Emerald Isle home for the next 5 weeks I thought I would embrace the heritage and carb up! So our first week here in Ireland we invested in a huge 4kg bag… Continue reading Irish Potato Cakes with Spinach & Kale

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Happy World Animal Day Everyone

Happiness is a warm puppy – Charles M Schulz Happy World Animal Day! Live, Love, Go Veg ✌❤🌏🐶    

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Orcas & Dolphins, Oh My

Not too long ago I watched Blackfish. Personally, I thought it was awful. The flow, the editing, the interviews, I felt that the issue at hand could have (and should have) been highlighted in a much more clear and watchable way. The message behind the documentary, however, ‘Down with SeaWorld’ is something I’m very passionate… Continue reading Orcas & Dolphins, Oh My

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Camel Milk? Really?

I’ve read recently that camel milk is the newest addition to the ever increasing ‘superfood’ list and that many regard it as ‘white liquid gold’ and the ‘modern elixir of life’. Call me skeptical (or just pro-vegan) but I have my doubts. The most recent camel milk farm to have lauched in Australia is situated… Continue reading Camel Milk? Really?

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Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game. ~Paul Rodriguez

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Meatfree Mondays & Tuesdays & Wednesdays…

Don’t use Meatfree “Mondays” as an excuse, go Meatfree Everyday!!! Love animals, love the planet & love yourself. Go green today & make everyday a meatfree day Please follow Without_Cruelty on Instagram and Twitter 🐷🌏✌💚