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Monkeying Around

Happy Chinese New Year! I’m not totally familiar with Chinese customs and traditions but I do know that this year marks the year of the monkey and I thought it would be both fun and interesting to look at what being born a monkey means. So, to be a monkey you would have had to… Continue reading Monkeying Around

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Happy World Animal Day Everyone

Happiness is a warm puppy – Charles M Schulz Happy World Animal Day! Live, Love, Go Veg ✌❤🌏🐶    

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Oh Nature, You Do Spoil Us

I don’t usually do an ‘all picture’ blog post, (I guess this sentence is rendering this line of thought slightly moot anyway) but recently my mind has been blown with the stunning array of scenery and wildlife I have bore witness to. Whether it’s an imposing mountian view, a tranquil seaside sunset or a lively… Continue reading Oh Nature, You Do Spoil Us

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Watch: Earthlings Read: The Food Revolution Listen To: Meat is Murder Visit: Love yourself, love animals, love the planet. Go Veg! Please follow Without_Cruelty on Instagram and Twitter✌❤

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Camel Milk? Really?

I’ve read recently that camel milk is the newest addition to the ever increasing ‘superfood’ list and that many regard it as ‘white liquid gold’ and the ‘modern elixir of life’. Call me skeptical (or just pro-vegan) but I have my doubts. The most recent camel milk farm to have lauched in Australia is situated… Continue reading Camel Milk? Really?

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Other People’s Pets

I’m in a rather enviable position at the moment. Well, I think so anyway… I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time getting to know and enjoy the company of other people’s pets. This has been wonderful and amazing and often very emotional. I, along with my boyfriend, are currently offering our services,… Continue reading Other People’s Pets

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Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game. ~Paul Rodriguez