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Sunsets in Paradise

I am a total sucker for natural beauty; Everywhere you go there are so many breathtaking scenes, beautiful examples of Mother Nature at her very best. It’s a triumph for the scences, a moment of awe, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the planet we live on. I am overcome by so many emotions when… Continue reading Sunsets in Paradise

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South to North: A Look Back Over 2016…

As we swiftly approach 2017 I thought I would have a look back over the past year and reminisce a little over the fun Kerry and I had travelling the world, embracing new cultures and sampling new cuisines. I have complied a few of my favourite posts that document our journey from the depths of… Continue reading South to North: A Look Back Over 2016…

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The Killing Fields

To anybody visiting Phnom Penh I would give one suggestion…. try the Happy Pizzas down on the Riverside. Okay thinking about it, I have in fact two suggestions: head to The Empire Cinema and watch The Killing Fields. The Empire Cinema is located on 130th street, 10 minutes from Riverside and it’s a really fun… Continue reading The Killing Fields

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Leaving Cambodia: I’m Packing Again

Oh Friday, another week swiftly slipping away, and unfortunately disappearing with it is our time in Cambodia. I came to this country knowing hardly anything about it, with no expectations, with one goal; to see Angkor Wat. I’m now a mere 12 hours from leaving, my heart is heavy and I have an utter feeling… Continue reading Leaving Cambodia: I’m Packing Again

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Angkor Wat in Pictures 

Here are a few pics from our trip to Angkor Wat last week. It was a magnificent place steeped in history and intrigue, monkeys ran wild and tourists were free to explore the ancient ruins at their leisure. We had an amazing day out and it fulfilled one item on my ever growing bucket list!… Continue reading Angkor Wat in Pictures 

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Forbidden Rice

Black rice, or Forbidden Rice as it is also called was unknown to me until the other day when I was inadvertently served some with my Khmer Tom Yum in Phnom Penh. Black, sticky and apparently very good for you, black rice was forbidden across Asia by the Chinese many thousands of years ago. Noble Chinese… Continue reading Forbidden Rice

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Travelling from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Travelling from Bangkok to Siem Reap is a pretty smooth experience, however there are a couple of things to be weary of and to look out for, so I thought I’d provide you with a quick guide on how to cross the border without getting scammed. Kerry and I opted to travel to Siem Reap on… Continue reading Travelling from Bangkok to Siem Reap