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First Veggie Meal in Barcelona -The Veggie Garden

The first thing I do when Kerry and I check in to a new city is head on to the Happy Cow website and scan for veggie friendly eateries. Lets face it, my stomach rules my life! So we arrived into Barcelona on Tuesday night (well, it was actaully more like Wednesday morning if you… Continue reading First Veggie Meal in Barcelona -The Veggie Garden

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Highs & Lows: A Vietnam City Guide

So Vietnam.. I was quite excited and enthusiastic about travelling up through Vietnam, with it’s picture postcard beaches, insanely busy, cosmopolitan cities and deep and varied history, it seemed like a country that would really appeal to my sensibilities. And as it’s the most Eastern leg of our trip I thought I would get to… Continue reading Highs & Lows: A Vietnam City Guide

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Festivals, Food, Fun & Fringe!

It’s Monday again and as I look back over the past few days I wonder how Friday could only have been 3 days ago? Since about 6pm on Friday evening it feels like I haven’t stopped moving, thinking or planning. From Kerry and I hastily leaving our comfortable house sit in Seacliff, not knowing what… Continue reading Festivals, Food, Fun & Fringe!

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A few weeks ago Kerry and I once again waved goodbye to relative stability and boarded a plane to the unknown. Well, South Australia, but we haven’t ventured to this part of the world before, it was exciting, scary and a little bit magical… We left Sydney on a grey, rain soaked, Friday morning, feeling… Continue reading Adelaide!!

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Festivals, Flies, Food & Fun

Wow! It’s been a month since I last posted on my blog, I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. I amΒ pretty easily distracted I guess and this random life of travel, eating for pleasure and trying to achieve the perfect tan has obviously got the better of me. So, what tales can I… Continue reading Festivals, Flies, Food & Fun

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Food, Australia & My Humble Opinion

I seem to have spent a fair bit of time focusing on the travel aspect of Without Cruelty lately and I want to get back to basics a little now and talk about the fooood. I’ve decided to compile a list of great veggie eateries I’ve stumbled across during my time in Oz. So far… Continue reading Food, Australia & My Humble Opinion

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2 Outta 4 Aint Bad…Right?

Air bnb… I’m still trying to decide whether I love it or hate it. As I sit here now typing, I’m inclined to say that I love it. The cool places we’ve stayed, the friends (well, two, but it definitely deserves a plural!) we’ve made and the paths less travelled we’ve walked down. On the… Continue reading 2 Outta 4 Aint Bad…Right?