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Virtually Fat Free Vegan Nachos 

I haven’t posted in a little while, I’m so sorry guys!! I’ve been incredibly busy focusing on my new business, trying to get stuff done and maintain my current weight, that’s a lot for a girl to take! So along with my attempts to become the next online Fair Trade sensation, I have been experimenting… Continue reading Virtually Fat Free Vegan Nachos 

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My Stew Appreciation Post

As a plant-based eater I generally eat a lot of fruit and veg, so when I went ‘low-carb’ a few months ago I found cutting back on my safety net food group was really difficult. Not only because a low-carb vegan diet is quite restrictive, but because I honestly missed the crunch of a carrot… Continue reading My Stew Appreciation Post

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They Had a Broken Keyboard, I Bought a Broken Keyboard

Charity shop, Op shop or Thrift shop, whatever you choose to call these wondrous, cavernous stores, you are bound to have a story or two to tell. My love for all things ‘vintage’ was reignited last week after a brief Instagram conversation with Laura from Hippy Tat. She posted a beautiful picture on Instagram of a Topshop… Continue reading They Had a Broken Keyboard, I Bought a Broken Keyboard

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So, I Started A Business 

The one thing I have been asked more than anything else since coming back from my epic 3 year travel sesh is “So, what are you going to do now?” and as of yesterday, I finally have an answer….I decided to start my own business. Oh yeah! I didn’t go in to this lightly. I… Continue reading So, I Started A Business 

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Quorn & Linda McCartney go Vegan

Something that made leaving the tranquil beaches of Asia behind and heading back west a little more bearable, was the fact that both Quorn and Linda McCartney have introduced new vegan lines into their ‘ready made’ ranges. This was such a welcome surprise to me and to (I’m sure) the 500,000 other plant-based eaters in the… Continue reading Quorn & Linda McCartney go Vegan

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A Stroll through Midleton

Since arriving in Ireland, just over 3 weeks ago, Kerry and I have been staying in a town called Midleton. Literally meaning ‘middle town’ in English, it sits 10 miles between both Cork City and Youghal. Steeped in rich history Midleton can trace its roots back to the Norman invasion of 1180 and it took… Continue reading A Stroll through Midleton

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The End of an Era

I am very swiftly approaching the end of my current chapter. Having spent the last 2 years and 7 months travelling, living life as a wandering nomad across Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia and limited parts of Europe, it’ll soon be time to go home and back to reality. Do I want to go home?… Continue reading The End of an Era