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Beautiful Beaches & Happy Memories

Both my Instagram addiction and my love of all things Australian are still thriving so I thought it might be nice to share a few more of my favourite photographs with you. The last time I published an all visual post it seemed to go down pretty well, this time I thought I should give… Continue reading Beautiful Beaches & Happy Memories

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Food, Australia & My Humble Opinion

I seem to have spent a fair bit of time focusing on the travel aspect of Without Cruelty lately and I want to get back to basics a little now and talk about the fooood. I’ve decided to compile a list of great veggie eateries I’ve stumbled across during my time in Oz. So far… Continue reading Food, Australia & My Humble Opinion

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2 Outta 4 Aint Bad…Right?

Air bnb… I’m still trying to decide whether I love it or hate it. As I sit here now typing, I’m inclined to say that I love it. The cool places we’ve stayed, the friends (well, two, but it definitely deserves a plural!) we’ve made and the paths less travelled we’ve walked down. On the… Continue reading 2 Outta 4 Aint Bad…Right?

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Dosa Plaza Shenanigans

Along with the usual joy and happiness that Friday always brings, this Friday brought with it an excting opportunity to try out a fabulous new vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne’s Camberwell at a fraction of the standard price, thanks to a very generous Scoopon deal. (Gotta love Scoopon!) The Dosa Plaza is situated on Toorak Road… Continue reading Dosa Plaza Shenanigans

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Veg-Spiration Needed: Next Stop, Newcastle

The Aussie Adventure Continues…. Very shortly I will be heading north again, where, hopefully the sun will be shining and the possibility of sun bathing on a glorious sandy beach will finally become a reality. We are travelling to Newcastle in NSW next week, granted, not that northerly but having spent five months in Victoria,… Continue reading Veg-Spiration Needed: Next Stop, Newcastle

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Other People’s Pets

I’m in a rather enviable position at the moment. Well, I think so anyway… I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time getting to know and enjoy the company of other people’s pets. This has been wonderful and amazing and often very emotional. I, along with my boyfriend, are currently offering our services,… Continue reading Other People’s Pets


Avocado Aficionado

When I was little I accidentally put my thumb through an avocado while standing in line at a supermarket. It felt rough and scratchy on the outside, icky and mushy on the inside, and the flesh was a strange milky shade of green. I hadn’t seen a fruit this colour before, I was more of… Continue reading Avocado Aficionado