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Minimalism – Finding Simplicity Through Chaos

Minimalism – Technically defined as an ‘Art Movement’ – really seems to have taken over life at the moment; YouTube is currently awash with videos and documentaries telling you how to be a minimalist, what to no longer buy (because of course ‘things’ aren’t the answer to your problems), how to neatly box up your… Continue reading Minimalism – Finding Simplicity Through Chaos

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Hashtag: The Pantry Challenge

Over the past week I have been partaking in an online challenge called The Pantry Challenge and boy, it’s been a real eye opener! Originally devised by the beautiful Noémi Bélair on Instagram the aim is to appreciate and feel grateful for all you have and for all the abundance in your life. A simple way… Continue reading Hashtag: The Pantry Challenge

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7 Day Challenge: Coconut Water

Last week I read an article on lifehack.org that almost guaranteed that by consuming coconut water everyday for a week you would instantly posess a bikini body, have perfect, blemish-free skin, never suffer from a head ache again and basically live to 705. As a woman and a beliver in magic, this appealed to my… Continue reading 7 Day Challenge: Coconut Water

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Meat Free & Protein Packed!

Salads are awesome! Fresh, healthy, nutritious, colourful, tasty, low cal, low carb and low fat! But sometimes they can lack bite, texture, mouth feel, substance and heart. Below is a list of veggie friendly options to add to your salads to provide you with your daily dose of protien, crunch and calories! 1. Tofu, Quorn… Continue reading Meat Free & Protein Packed!

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Beautiful Beaches & Happy Memories

Both my Instagram addiction and my love of all things Australian are still thriving so I thought it might be nice to share a few more of my favourite photographs with you. The last time I published an all visual post it seemed to go down pretty well, this time I thought I should give… Continue reading Beautiful Beaches & Happy Memories

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2 Outta 4 Aint Bad…Right?

Air bnb… I’m still trying to decide whether I love it or hate it. As I sit here now typing, I’m inclined to say that I love it. The cool places we’ve stayed, the friends (well, two, but it definitely deserves a plural!) we’ve made and the paths less travelled we’ve walked down. On the… Continue reading 2 Outta 4 Aint Bad…Right?

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Oh Nature, You Do Spoil Us

I don’t usually do an ‘all picture’ blog post, (I guess this sentence is rendering this line of thought slightly moot anyway) but recently my mind has been blown with the stunning array of scenery and wildlife I have bore witness to. Whether it’s an imposing mountian view, a tranquil seaside sunset or a lively… Continue reading Oh Nature, You Do Spoil Us