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Sunsets in Paradise

I am a total sucker for natural beauty; Everywhere you go there are so many breathtaking scenes, beautiful examples of Mother Nature at her very best. It’s a triumph for the scences, a moment of awe, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the planet we live on. I am overcome by so many emotions when… Continue reading Sunsets in Paradise

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Leaving Cambodia: I’m Packing Again

Oh Friday, another week swiftly slipping away, and unfortunately disappearing with it is our time in Cambodia. I came to this country knowing hardly anything about it, with no expectations, with one goal; to see Angkor Wat. I’m now a mere 12 hours from leaving, my heart is heavy and I have an utter feeling… Continue reading Leaving Cambodia: I’m Packing Again

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Seaviews, Smiles & Swings

For me happiness starts with a seaview. From my (well, mine for the next week!) living room window here in Seacliff Park, if the clouds aren’t sitting too low and the sun shine is just right, I’m usually lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the sparking, turquoise gem that is the ocean. Yesterday we… Continue reading Seaviews, Smiles & Swings

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Brown, Orange, Blue, Blonde

A few months ago as the Aussie summer began shimmering its way in to sight, I blogged about my attempt to naturally lighten my stubbornly brown hair to a beautiful sun-kissed “bronde”. Unfortunately my efforts were short-lived as the power of lemon juice, camomile and cinnamon were no match for my dark brown tresses, so I… Continue reading Brown, Orange, Blue, Blonde

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Beautiful Beaches & Happy Memories

Both my Instagram addiction and my love of all things Australian are still thriving so I thought it might be nice to share a few more of my favourite photographs with you. The last time I published an all visual post it seemed to go down pretty well, this time I thought I should give… Continue reading Beautiful Beaches & Happy Memories

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Natural Beauty

Now that the sun is out in full force I thought it might be fun to take advantage of its rays and try to lighten my hair (my very dark, stubbonly brown hair) using a few natural ingredients that apparently work in harmony with the sunshine and create a lightening effect 🌞 Having read a… Continue reading Natural Beauty

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‘Summer Spectacles’

Spring has arrived and it has brought a lil bit of summer with it. It’s currently a very toasty 23 degrees here in the Lake Macquarie region of NSW; the skies are an endless powder blue, the birds are chirping happily and I’ve dug out my numerous bikinis that have been residing at the very… Continue reading ‘Summer Spectacles’