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Do The Matcha Shake 

Anyone who follows my Instagram knows I drink a lot of tea and coffee, but recently I have been enjoying the light, delicate flavours of Matcha, powered green tea. Initially I was turned on to matcha because the health benefits far out weigh those of regular green tea, but it tastes so great, I now… Continue reading Do The Matcha Shake 

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All’s Well and Good in Midleton

I’ve been hearing a lot about Eat Real’s ‘Hummus Crisps’ lately. A deliciously, crispy snack derived from chickpea flour and flavoured with a variety of herbs and spices. If you are familiar with my work you will know I am a huge chickpea/ hummus addict, so knowing that such a snack existed, that I had… Continue reading All’s Well and Good in Midleton

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Prevention Is Way Better Than Cure

One of the first things Kerry did when we arrived in NZ was catch a cold. ‘Eek’ I thought, ‘give it a few days and I’ll have one too’ Luckily for me, I avoided the tretures of a cold and I think (please don’t quote me on this!) I can attribute this to my diet.… Continue reading Prevention Is Way Better Than Cure

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Moroccan Memories

Over the past few days my senses have been inspired by all things Moroccan. It began when I was thinking of a great iced mint tea I had last year in a café in Sydney. My mum had flown over to Australia and we were having breakfast together in Mezbah which is a really lovely… Continue reading Moroccan Memories

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The New Black

New health food trends, I love them! We’ve had acai, chia, kombucha and now matcha! I’m sure everyone has heard the buzz about the ‘new’ powered, green tea that has definite superfood status and I’m eager to try it and to find out what people actually think about this variety of tea. I am a… Continue reading The New Black

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White Tea

I have been drinking white tea for many, many years. It’s delicious, refreshing and packed full of antioxidants and I would love to draw everyones attention to this heart and soul warming elixir. Below are a few interesting facts that I feel will get you to swap your conventional black tea for a cup of… Continue reading White Tea