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Easy Peasy Breakfast Biscuits

I’ve been having oats a lot for breakfast recently. I like them really pain, just oats and water and sometimes a few pepitas thrown in for protein, mmm delicious! The only problem I have with this is that I make faaar too much and I tend to be eating oats all day to save on… Continue reading Easy Peasy Breakfast Biscuits

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Tamarillo Armadillo

I love trying new things, the more exotic the better, so when I saw a tamarillo in my local Countdown store I grabbed a few, sniffed them and stroked them with excitement. Upon first inspection they reminded me of large plums; they have dark red skin and a soft squishy texture and I thought they’d… Continue reading Tamarillo Armadillo

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Food, Australia & My Humble Opinion

I seem to have spent a fair bit of time focusing on the travel aspect of Without Cruelty lately and I want to get back to basics a little now and talk about the fooood. I’ve decided to compile a list of great veggie eateries I’ve stumbled across during my time in Oz. So far… Continue reading Food, Australia & My Humble Opinion

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The Humpback Highway

So each year the small coastal village of Eden on the Sapphire Coast, NSW, plays host to a huge variety of sealife including birds, dolphins, seals, and whales (including orcas) This amazing maritime migration has led to Eden becoming one of the greatest whale watching spots in Australia and a festival is held each year over… Continue reading The Humpback Highway

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Happy World Animal Day Everyone

Happiness is a warm puppy – Charles M Schulz Happy World Animal Day! Live, Love, Go Veg ✌❤🌏🐶    

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YouTube, Nicholas Sparks & Cauliflower Rice

Oh it’s Monday again, thankfully the weekend rain has stopped and once again Warners Bay has been basking in the beautiful hum of spring. Over the past few days I have lived life as a hermit due to the fear of getting washed in to Lake Macquarie, yes the weather has been that horrendous! I’m… Continue reading YouTube, Nicholas Sparks & Cauliflower Rice

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Gypsy at Heart: Ever Changing Aussie Locations

This blog post is a work in progress. It was originally a ‘page’ on my site but having changed my theme and not being much of a techie I could no longer fit it into the menu section comfortably (I can hear laughter..) So here it is, my new and improved ‘Current Aussie Location’ section.… Continue reading Gypsy at Heart: Ever Changing Aussie Locations