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My Stew Appreciation Post

As a plant-based eater I generally eat a lot of fruit and veg, so when I went ‘low-carb’ a few months ago I found cutting back on my safety net food group was really difficult. Not only because a low-carb vegan diet is quite restrictive, but because I honestly missed the crunch of a carrot… Continue reading My Stew Appreciation Post

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Why I Love Spinach 🌿

If you are familiar with my Instagram feed you will almost definitely be aware of my love for spinach. I eat it most days in one form or another and during this, my low carb period, it has been an absolute meal saver. It’s so versitile and takes no time to prepare, I love making spinach and… Continue reading Why I Love Spinach 🌿

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Foods That Make You Feel Good!

We could all do with a little happiness boost from time to time and it would seem that by just choosing the right foods, we could do just that! There are certain foods out there that have a very specific set of micro-nutrients, and when consumed they make our brain chemistry go bonkers, it releases… Continue reading Foods That Make You Feel Good!

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Forbidden Rice

Black rice, or Forbidden Rice as it is also called was unknown to me until the other day when I was inadvertently served some with my Khmer Tom Yum in Phnom Penh. Black, sticky and apparently very good for you, black rice was forbidden across Asia by the Chinese many thousands of years ago. Noble Chinese… Continue reading Forbidden Rice

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Prevention Is Way Better Than Cure

One of the first things Kerry did when we arrived in NZ was catch a cold. ‘Eek’ I thought, ‘give it a few days and I’ll have one too’ Luckily for me, I avoided the tretures of a cold and I think (please don’t quote me on this!) I can attribute this to my diet.… Continue reading Prevention Is Way Better Than Cure

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White Tea

I have been drinking white tea for many, many years. It’s delicious, refreshing and packed full of antioxidants and I would love to draw everyones attention to this heart and soul warming elixir. Below are a few interesting facts that I feel will get you to swap your conventional black tea for a cup of… Continue reading White Tea