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Falling Asleep to the Sound of the Ocean

Last night I fell asleep to the sound of the ocean. It was just a You Tube video, but it was still perfect; peaceful, soothing, serene and it brought back a million memories that swept over me as my breath softened and my eyes gently closed. A real sense of calm overcame me and it… Continue reading Falling Asleep to the Sound of the Ocean

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Gypsy at Heart: Ever Changing Aussie Locations

This blog post is a work in progress. It was originally a ‘page’ on my site but having changed my theme and not being much of a techie I could no longer fit it into the menu section comfortably (I can hear laughter..) So here it is, my new and improved ‘Current Aussie Location’ section.… Continue reading Gypsy at Heart: Ever Changing Aussie Locations

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‘Summer Spectacles’

Spring has arrived and it has brought a lil bit of summer with it. It’s currently a very toasty 23 degrees here in the Lake Macquarie region of NSW; the skies are an endless powder blue, the birds are chirping happily and I’ve dug out my numerous bikinis that have been residing at the very… Continue reading ‘Summer Spectacles’

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2 Weeks of Meditation & Mindfulness

I’ve been really keen to get into meditation over the past few weeks. Apps were downloaded, schedules were cleared and I was ready to focus on mindfulness and emotional clarity. It’s actually been something I’ve wanted to do for ages now, but past ‘strange’ experiences have made me reluctant to sit still, close my eyes and… Continue reading 2 Weeks of Meditation & Mindfulness

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White Tea

I have been drinking white tea for many, many years. It’s delicious, refreshing and packed full of antioxidants and I would love to draw everyones attention to this heart and soul warming elixir. Below are a few interesting facts that I feel will get you to swap your conventional black tea for a cup of… Continue reading White Tea

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Saturday Soul Searching

There aren’t too many distractions here in Blairgowrie, it’s situated towards the very tip of the Mornington Peninsular, in Victoria, and without a car, it feels very remote. Serene, peaceful, tranquil but very remote. And I kinda love it! As a girl who enjoys and usually thrives on city living, I had a few reservations about… Continue reading Saturday Soul Searching